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WATER COLOUR EXPERIENCE, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti

2017 - Nov. 10th/Dec. 10th, Rome - OA Art Space


IDENTITY, curated by Miriam Castelnuovo and Franco Fontana

2016 - 8/21 of July, Rome - Officine Farneto

EXTRUERE SCIENTER, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti

2016 - Nov. 9th/Dec. 9th, Bruxelles - EEASS | European External Action Service

ACTA EST FABULA, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti

2016 - 7/20 of April, Rome - Law Firm Satta Romano & Associates


MINDFULNESS, curated by Werner Bortolotti and Cristiano Alviti

2015 - Oct. 2nd/Nov. 6th, Como - ex Military Barracks De Cristoforis


SPONSORSHIP: ISTRID, Ceremonial Academy, LifeGate, Large Italian Gardens,

Battaglia Artistic Foundry

TREELOGY, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti

2014/2015 - Dec. 13rd/Mar. 1st, Rome - OA Art Space


DECADE ALVITI, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti

2012/2013 - Nov. 30th/Jan. 30th, Rome - MIC Studio Gallery

PROSPETTIVE EMOZIONALI, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti

2012 - Mar. 30th/Sept. 30th, Rome - MIC Studio Gallery

RELATA REFERO, curated by Myriam Cimillo and Silvia D’ Ippolito

2012 - 20/30 of April, Rome - Dioscuri Monumental Complex


PATRONAGES: MIBAC, DGBL, Cultural Institutes, Diritto d’Autore



2009 - Jun. 9th/Aug. 9th, Venice - Santa Maria Gloriosa ai Frari Monumental Complex

(catalog by Publishing House Marsilio)

PATRONAGES: MIBAC, DGBL, Cultural Institutes, Diritto d’Autore, City of Venice, Province of Venice, Veneto Region, Lazio Region, Province of Rome, La Biennale Foundation

ALVITIVERTIGO, curated by Daniela Ciotola

2009 - Feb. 12nd/ Mar. 29th, Venice – Marciana National Library

PATRONAGES: MIBAC, DGBL, Cultural Institutes, Diritto d’Autore

SONS OF AFRICA. ART & PLAY ON SHOW, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti

2008 - 16/29 of April, Rome - San Michele a Ripa Monumental Complex

PATRONAGES: Terre des Hommes Italian Foundation, AMREF Italy, MEWE Onlus, Municipality of Rome 

OF LIGHTS AND SHADOWS, curated by Sergio Rossi

2006 - 16/30 of May, Rome - State Archives

2007 - Sept. 20th/Oct. 19th, Milan - State Archives


PATRONAGES: MIBAC, Lazio Region, Municipality of Rome

THE BRIDGES OF ROME, curated by Paola Magni

2004 - 4/27 of November, Rome - MIC Studio Gallery

2004 - 1/12 of December, Tourin - Mole Antonelliana


PATRONAGES: Lazio Region, Municipality of Rome, Province of Rome

LANDSCAPES OF SOUL, curated by Vittoria Palazzo

2004 - Mar. 29th/Apr. 5th, Milan - Circolo della Stampa


ARBOREA, curated by Paola Magni

2003 - 13/23 of April, Rome – Valdina Palace

After: Florence, Belluno, Bari, Potenza

PATRONAGES: Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory

A. V. A.  ALVITI / VON THUNGEN / ALVITI, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti with Janine Von Thungen  

2011/2012- Nov. 30th/Jan. 10th, Rome - MIC Studio Gallery


2010 - 9 of October, Reggio Emilia - dè Bonis Art Gallery

PATRONAGES: MIBA, DGBL, Cultural Institutes, Diritto d’Autore, High Patronage of the President of the Republic


CPA FOR THE WORLD DAY OF CONTEMPORARY ART, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti

2010 - 9 of October, Rome - MIC Studio Gallery


ARCHITECTURE OF MEMORY, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio

2008/2009, Dec. 14th/Apr. 30th, Rome - Federico de Vittori Art Room

ECHTE BLUTEN, curated by Daniela Ciotola

2007, Jun. 14th/Sept. 30th, Fuerth - Galerie in der Foestermuehle (Germany)


NORD – SUD IMPRESSIONEN, curated by Josephin Tilegant,

2005, Feb. 27th/Apr. 3rd, Strandhalle - Osteebad Ahrenshoop (Germany)

ATMOSFERE DILUITE, curated by Giusy Caroppo

2004/2005, Dec. 18th/Jan. 18th, Barletta - ARTissima Gallery


WINDOWS, curated by Laura Clemens

2003, 10/15 of December, Monaco - Atelier Ute Schrader (Germany)


SHAPES ON THE SURFACE, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti with Ornella Serra

2003/2004, Dec. 5th/Jan. 6th, MIC Studio Gallery


ARCO PICIOCCO, curated by Paola Magni

2003, 24/27 of April, Trani - private residence


DREAMS’ MEMORIES, curated by Paola Magni

2002, Nov. 20th/Dec. 10th, Rome - Abate Space Art


THE DAYS AND THE JOURNEY, curated by Vittoria Palazzo

2001, Oct. 17th/Nov. 3rd, Rome - MIC Studio Gallery


ECHO, curated by Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti

2000, Oct. 23rd/Nov. 2nd, Rome - Rome Fair


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