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Engaged for over 20 years in the Italian and international artistic-cultural scene - through personal and collective exhibitions - Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti are “brothers in art” with a strong passion for sculpture and painting.

20 collections, more than 300 artworks, 20 art catalogs, 30 International sponsorships, a lot of participations not only in sculpture workshops but also in worldwide art exhibitions and in painting, 1 atelier of 1,000 sq meters: these are the numbers of Cristiano and Patrizio Alviti.

Born and raised in Rome where they currently live, Cristiano and Patrizio are respectively sculptor and painter with a strong creativity that gave birth in 2008 to the OFFICINA ALVITI brand focused on luxury interior design projects. 

They started painting at a very young age (they are self-taught) making art a real vocation and experimenting above all during university studies, different techniques: oil painting, mosaic, fresco and decoration. Cristiano and Patrizio never stopped developing their personal research about the interaction between the expression of one's inner self and society, embracing all human beings. Their favourite technique is watercolour painting. This gave birth, aside from watercolour paintings, to more complex works, which were always part of projects and collections they realized with utter expressive independence. 

In 2004 they became art director of MIA - Meet In Art, an Association for cultural promotion.

They started to produce large-sized works and to mould matter, and they commissioned by Rome’s City Council to design and realize two sculpture-fountains, with reinforced concrete and mosaics, for two squares in Rome. Once their eclectic phase of experimentation came to an end, Cristiano and Patrizio decided to espouse classic figurative arts and materials. They believed that they could not disown the classical essence of sculpting, more so because they were born and raised in Rome and the classical beauty of the city has always inspired their artistic experience.

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